Emmanuel Prophetic Ministries 

Mark 16:15-20 "Declaring God's words ​& Impacting the Kingdom of God"

Welcome To Emmanuel Prophetic Ministries!

It is God's love that guide you to Emmanuel Prophetic Ministries. Emmanuel Prophetic Ministries is dedicated to serving the body of Christ by spreading the gospel, impacting lives through healing, restoration, and deliverance. Emmanuel Prophetic Ministries pray that you will truly be refresh and bless by the presence of the God on EPM Ministries. 

EPM thank you for visiting this website. Also visit Emmanuel Prophetic Ministries on Facebook, YouTube, and EPM lines 339-209-4727 for Intercessory Prayer service, Spiritual Growth Empowerment service, Kingdom Empowerment service, and Emmanuel Prophetic Ministries Kingdom Manna Segment on YouTube.